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Uses and doses of medication.

This drug belongs to the class of benzodiazepine and is used to treat panic disorders, seizure disorders. Anticonvulsant effect is more strong in comparison with other medications of this group and and for this reason it is mainly used to cure convulsive conditions.

The treatment is better to begin with small doses gradually increasing them to get the best effect. The dosage depends upon the state of health of the patient and his/her reaction on the medication. For example for seizure disorders it is prescribed to take 1.5 mg per day orally divided into three portions. For panic disorder - 0.25 mg every twelve hours and then you may take to 1 mg for 3 days. Maximum dosage not more than 20 mg per day.


It is recommended to withdraw this medication gradually especially when it concerns panic disorder. Some doctors use another medication with the same substitution during the withdrawal and the patient is under total control of the doctor in order to prevent the appearance of new disorders.

Used with great caution if a patient has a drug abuse or can be in the group of such a risk. So every doctor usually knows the history of the person before prescribing and pays a special attention to this kind of people.

No alcohol during the period of the treatment.

How to get medications.

If you have already the receipt for it in your hands, you can use different ways to buy it. The most effective and easy one is to buy Klonopin online. First of all you shouldn't spend a lot of time searching, secondly you can choose the price that suits you best.

Interactions with other drugs.

Before using you should give your doctor the list of other drugs that you are taking at the moment or during the last week. It is obligatory as it can become useless while interacting with some other medications and with another can even cause undesirable side effects or increase the risks of their emergence.

The reason to choose.

To treat anxiety and panic disorders a lot of people give their preference. This medication has proved to be one of the most effective means of treating these illnesses. Besides this drug is successefully used for seizure disorders, essential tremor and sleep disorder (parasomnia). This is really the best way to eliminate the symptoms of the mentioned disorders.